Huki Studio is a freelance marketplace that allows service (gig) sellers to make a living from their skills.
Huki Studio only takes 15% to maintain the platform and the freelancer takes 85%. How beautiful can that be?
After delivering your gig, you will receive your payment immediately and you may request your funds from the payment section in your account dashboard after every two weeks.
PayPal. Our technicians are currently working to integrate other payment systems such as Payoneer and mobile payment systems
When you join the marketplace, you can create gig at your own price. The lowest price for gigs is $ 10. You are allowed to create gig based on your own price. However, experts suggest using a price that is not too low neither too high.
You do not need to pass any test to create a gig. All you need to do is create and fill your profile. Create your first gig, share it with friends or family and start making money.
Once you sign up, you can get new clients by sharing your gig with everyone you know. Share the gig on all social media platform. Keep sharing your gig and deliver great work. Do you have a referral program?
Yes, we offer live support to our buyers and sellers. We also have an upcoming knowledge base
You can withdraw as low as $ 50
Yes, Huki Studio as a marketplace has a private messaging system which allows freelancers and buyers to connect easily.
Your buyer or you can cancel the order through the cancel button.